Time almost up for dodgy training courses

18 Mar 2015

Time almost up for dodgy training courses

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The title of this blog is from an article being used by a company that conducts research and puts together meetings, conferences and seminars. Although it as a marketing exercise I fully support the background behind it. It seems too many RTO’s are using expensive training courses that lure in some of the nation’s most vulnerable people with promises of a free iPad or other Gift. Not to mention those where the methods of training and assessment are questionable. Will they soon have their registrations revoked?

A Senate hearing was told unscrupulous recruiters are approaching disabled, illiterate and international students with promises of a training course that boasts no up-front fees and a free computer gadget. Those who sign up often don’t, or are unable to, read the fine print of the Registered Training Organisation’s course. In some cases they are slugged with a debt of more than $10,000 at the program’s end.

Hopefully the new standards that come into effect on the 1st April 2015 will put a stop to this RTO “gaming the system” Senator Michael Ronaldson advised that Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has indicated that if the new standards proved ineffective, he would address the issue with legislation. “We’re going to take the unscrupulous people out one way or the other,” Senator Ronaldson said. Let’s hope so.

Recently, a large number of workers in the Gladstone area had there WHSQ high risk work licences revoked and were instructed to undergo re assessment due to dodgy training practices. Unfortunately, the actions of a few always seem to tarnish those who are trying to do the right thing. Some RTO’s put the blame back onto the businesses who engage them to do the training saying they are instructed to do the training in the shortest possible time frame and issue the tickets without following due course. e.g Logbook nominal hours are cut down or not completed at all with questionable evidence to support it. The “do you want the job or not” mentality. RTO’s are responsible for the quality of training delivered and ultimately the quality of worker an employer is going to receive. No organisation is perfect but processes must be followed and steps taken to ensure compliance, continuously improve, strive for excellence and develop reputation through integrity.

Here at ATEC we offer high risk work licences for Beginner, Intermediate and advanced scaffolding, Elevated Work Platform and Forklift. All of which are delivered and assessed in line with ASQA and WHSQ guidelines and standards. At ATEC we do not believe every entry wins a prize, we believe that if we deliver the course right, we deliver it once.
So, If you are looking to further your career in the construction, mining or the oil and gas industry by obtaining a high risk work licence, then you can become qualified at ATEC and be rest assured your education and training will not only be of a high standard, but also compliant. A few of the many courses offered are

• Licence to operate a boom-type EWP
• High Risk Work Licence in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced scaffolding
• Licence to Operate a Forklift

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