The Construction Industry is Australia’s Third Largest Employer

2 Mar 2015

The Construction Industry is Australia’s Third Largest Employer

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The Australian building and construction industry is the nation’s third largest employer with over 1 million jobs in the sector, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics. The latest figures now reveal over one million people – 1,028,500 to be exact – are currently employed in the sector. If you are looking at furthering your career in the construction industry, then you can become qualified at ATEC by completing a high risk work licence course for Basic, Intermediate or advanced scaffolding

New South Wales performed the strongest with industry employment growth through the year of 2014 up by 29,000 or 10%. As a result, the state has been as labelled an emerging ‘powerhouse’ in building and construction. If you are looking to gain skills to improve your employ-ability ATEC can help achieve these goals.
A strong upturn in residential building and improved sentiments in commercial building have been identified as the key drivers of the industry’s revival. Residential building and non-residential building (offices, shops, hotels, factors, and the like) are seen as crucial to economic growth.

The Sunshine Coast has emerged as Queensland’s new hot spot for construction activity, scoring an impressive 70.3 on a scale of 0 to 100 on an index of builder sentiment. Builders are also confident about the outlook in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and North Queensland.

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