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13 Feb 2015

Job Skills – Education and Training

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With the attention the university sector receives in schools and media it may surprise many to hear VET (Vocational Education & Training) directly impacts on most Australians. But the statistics verify this claim.
Approximately 40% of school leavers go straight onto university. More than 50% do not, with around 21% proceeding automatically into some form of vocational education. It is in learning throughout life that VET comes to overtake the university sector for community wide participation. In 2013, 1.31 million studied at university, yet around 3 million Australians participated in some form of vocational education and training.

But at its heart, vocational education and training is about providing employees or potential employees with the skills for a job … a pathway into employment or into enhanced employment opportunities. If you are looking to gain skills to improve your employment opportunities ATEC can help achieve these goals.
Vocational education is central to business start-ups. According to 2011 Census data around 23 per cent of business owners have a bachelor degree or higher, while nearly forty per cent hold a certificate level qualification, diploma or advanced diploma. If you are looking to further your career in the mining or oil and gas industry, you can become qualified at ATEC by completing the Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety, Certificate II & III Drilling Oil & Gas Onshore and one of the many other courses offered.
Vocational education is central to Australia’s economic growth, to our business productivity and to employment outcomes. Inquire now and see how you can benefit from a course in the oil and gas industry.

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