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ATEC acknowledges the following funding partners and programs.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ)

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry.

For a list of ATEC CSQ funded courses and eligibility requirements, Contact Us or see Construction Skills Queensland.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Program

Funded by the Queensland Government

The Queensland Department of Education and Training website provides the following information about the Certificate 3 Guarantee funding program.

Please review this information to ensure you have access to independent advice and a point of contact within the department if needed.

Below outlines information we are required to provide on our website for this program.

Please Contact Us for further information and to access our refund policy terms and conditions.

CPC30911: Certificate III in Scaffolding

Units: 13

Participant Co-Contribution fee Non-Concessional


Cost Per Unit


Participant Co-Contribution fee Concessional


Cost per Unit


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