Coal Seam Gas Jobs Increasing Rapidly in Australia

12 Mar 2014

Coal Seam Gas Jobs Increasing Rapidly in Australia

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Coal Seam Gas Jobs Increasing Rapidly in Australia

While the global economy continues to sputter, one industry in Australia is experiencing rapid growth – and that’s the coal seam gas industry.

In fact, thousands of coal seam gas jobs are expected to be created over the next few years.

So what exactly is coal seam gas and what knowledge and skills will you need to secure a coal seam gas job in the future?

We’ll answer these questions and a few more in this short article.

First, what is coal seam gas?

Coal seam gas, or CSG, is naturally occurring gas that is trapped in underground coal seams. The most common type of this naturally occurring gas is methane. The gas is held in place underground by water which is under pressure from the weight of overlying rock.

The gas is released by lowering the water pressure. This is done by drilling into a seam and pumping water out.

Now it’s also important to note here that coal seam gas and its extraction process differ greatly from shale gas and its extraction process. Shale gas is the type of gas that has been recently featured in a lot of American movies and news reports.

Shale gas is located much deeper underground than coal seam gas and the extraction process for coal seam gas is much simpler.

Coal seam gas is plentiful in Australia which means that coal seam gas jobs will also soon be plentiful.

The industry actually began to grow in the 1990s and has started growing even faster lately. Coal seam gas is currently used by many power stations to produce electricity. Plus, a major new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry, which relies on coal seam gas as a basic component, is quickly growing in Australia and is expected to produce thousands of new coal seam gas jobs in the coming years.

The LNG industry was first created in the 20th Century to transport natural gas to countries that don’t have large supplies like Australia does. The process involves extracting gas from the ground and then liquefying it by cooling it to -161 degrees Celsius. The gas can then be transported via ship to countries in need.

Australia is a major leader in this new industry and is projected to soon rival Qatar as the largest exporter of LNG, which means even more coal seam gas jobs could be created.

So what type of knowledge and training will you need to secure one of the available coal seam gas jobs?

Currently, the Australasian Training and Education Centre is offering a variety of courses that cover essential areas coal seam gas job applicants need to know.

Available courses include:

• Certificate II and III in Drilling Oil and Gas- Onshore
• Apply First Aid
• Perform CPR
• Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
• GIQ Course
• Leadership Development
• Supervisors course
• National White Cards
• Work Safely at Height

Australasian Training and Education Centre has over 10 years’ experience within the coal seam gas job training environment.

An integral element of the Australasian Training and Education Centre’s approach to learning is building trust by understanding clients and delivering flexible solutions based on their needs.

Training is at the heart of what the Australasian Training and Education Centre does, but the centre’s focus is on the development of people and meeting the needs of

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